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What is Life Teen? Life Teen is a Eucharist-centered movement within the Roman Catholic Church. The program was launched as a parish-based youth ministry program in 1985 in Mesa, AZ and has since spread all over the world to countries including, Canada, South Africa, China, Malaysia, 1The Philippines, East Africa, Uganda, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, England, and the Netherlands. Originally, Life Teen was created in response to the New Evangelization movement called for by Pope Saint John Paul II. Since then it has been supported and endorsed by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. Life Teen’s mission is to ,”lead teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. With the Blessed Virgin Mary as our intercessor and guide, Life Teen seeks to unleash the fullness of the Sacramental power present within the young Church”. This mission is achieved by developing a safe and fun community that teens feel comfortable in. This community is based around religious and social activities that promote fellowship and spiritual growth. Divine Mercy Life Teen was established in 2014 at Divine Mercy Parish under Father Joe Cramer. Divine Mercy Parish is the joining of two faith communities.  Assumption of Edgerton and Sacred Heart of Gardner.  In 2011, Divine Mercy was declared by the Archbishop Naumann as a new parish. Life Teen Divine Mercy is proud and excited to be serving the teens and families of both parish communities. What are Life Nights? The best way to start participate in Divine Mercy Parish is to attend one of the Masses celebrate by Father Joe Cramer. But another way to meet new people and grow spiritually is to join us for Life Nights before mass on Sundays. We first begin the night by eating a meal together which allows us to grow in fellowship. In addition to sharing a meal, teens will learn about different Catholic Church teachings and they will discuss how these teachings apply to their daily lives. We all face struggles in our lives and Life Nights are a great way to deal with them. At the end of Life Nights, we all attend Mass together. What else does Divine Mercy Life Teen do? Life   Teen   is   ultimately   centered   around   Mass   and   the   Eucharist.   But   in   order   to   foster   fellowship,   a significant   aim   of   Divine   Mercy   Life   Teen   is   to   give   teens   a   safe   place   to   call   their   own,   be themselves,   and   make   lasting   friendships.   In   order   to   meet   this   goal,   in   addition   to   Life   Nights,   we have game nights, movie nights, homework nights, and sports nights. In   addition   to   promoting   additional   ways   of   fellowship,   Divine   Mercy   Life   Teen   also   works   to promote   other   ways   of   spiritual   growth.   We   do   this   by   performing   service   and   embarking   on pilgrimages. There are many opportunities to participate throughout the year!
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