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Deacon Dan’s Corner
These series of stories were compiled by Deacon Dan Peterson.  For those who know Deacon Dan, and his wonderful wife Judy, already realize they are wonderful people.  For those of you who have not had the gift of speaking to Deacon Dan or had the opportunity to read “Deacon Dan’s Corner” you will understand why he is Loved by the members of Divine Mercy Parish.  But, for those who look forward to these life lessons and faithfully read them it will remind you how he inspires all of us. Always smiling and taking time to talk, teaching us the importance of “The Divine Mercy Chaplet” and St. Faustina, Home Blessings, and the Inspiration and Power of Prayer, among many other things. The stories in this book were not all written by Deacon Dan.  The important thing to remember is that he took his time each week to write or research materials to make us cry, laugh, think, and most importantly bring us closer to God. That is his most important mission, “Bringing us closer to God,” and these stories help to accomplish this end.  You can’t help feeling emotions of love and hope when you read them. This is a gift from Deacon Dan and his wife Judy. Thank you, The members of Divine Mercy Parish.
Full Book
The Prince and the Statue
The Trinity and Unity
The Atheist
The Belly of tthe Beast
God Moment
The Right Time
Why Some Trees Are Evergreen
Missed Opprtunities
Listen to His Voice
Be Compassionate
Talking With Jesus
Rejection May Not Be So Bad
God Is Calling You
A Love Story About You
Lent Is a Time For Forgiveness
Puppies for Sale
Baptism of the Lord
Want Your Child To Be An “A” Student
One Tooth and Advent People
A Love Message From Husbads To Wives
Be On Your Guard
Putting Forgiveness Into Practice
Argentine Prisoner
Like An Angel
Angels Are Everywhere
A Joyful Song
Corpus Christ Homily
Can We Wnderstand One Another?
Feast of Farewell
A Story of Two Journeys
The Good Sheperd
“The Invitation of Christmas”
A Picture of Mary