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Sacred Heart Parish
In 1870, fifteen families joined to build a frame church on the corner of Center and Warren Street. It was called the Parish of St. Columbia. St. Columbia was completed and dedicated to the service of God in year of 1875.  During the years of 1895 through 1910, Gardner experienced a boom in home and business construction.  It became obvious that St. Columbia Catholic Church was too small to hold all the parishioners. The new church was dedicated on October 12, 1912.  At the time the name was changed to Sacred Heart Parish.  The old wooden church was moved to Main Street in Gardner.  It was used as the town hall and basketball court.  It was later sold and moved to 107 E. Warren St.  It was remodeled and another story was added. In October of 1921, a new church bell was dedicated and was presented by Patrick Hamilton in memory of his mother, Margaret. The Solemn Blessing of the church bell occurred on Sunday, October 15 1921, by T. Rev. Bishop Ward.  The same bell was removed from the brick church of 1912 and was installed in the new church we use today. The present rectory was built in the 1960’s during the pastorate of Fr. Maurice Gardner.  Many years later during Fr. Gardner’s second pastorate our beautiful Parish Center ws built. In early 1974, a committee decided to remodel the little brick church to make it more usable and comfortable.  This little brick church was originally built to service a congregation of 125 families.  Father John P. Dunnivan held mass three times, one on Saturday and twice on Sunday.  During the summer remodeling of 1974, church services were held at Nike Junior High School. By 1993, the membership of the congregation was growing at a rapid pace.  It become necessary to consider a new building plan for the parish.  Under leadership of Fr. Robert Burger, a new committee named PACT (Planning Action Century Twenty-one) was assembled.  In 1995, Fr. Gerald Sheeds became pastor and organized the capital campaign “Sharing Our Hearts 2000.”  Due to lack  of space in the little brick church, the Parish Center was utilized for weekend liturgies. In June of 2004, our new church was dedicated with Archbishops James Keleher and Joseph Naumann as Main Celebrants, joined by Fr. Sheeds.  Former pastors and other priests of the archdiocese also attended.  Our new place of worship accommodates space of up to 900 people. Because of the larger population of young people and children the Faith Formation Center was built in 2015.